Located in the heart of Orange County, California and just minutes from the John Wayne Airport, Sovereign Flavors
has three facilities to service our clients.

Our primary facility is dedicated to Manufacturing and quality control of our proprietary customized flavors. Newly
completed summer 2014 after an extensive ground up construction this building houses State of the Art
Manufacturing facilities for our Proprietary Citrus Extracts and the blending of natural aromatic flavor compounds.
Also housed in this building is a purpose built quality control / analytical lab where each batch of flavor is inspected
before being sent to our customers.

Our Second facility just across from our production building is our innovative Beverage Applications/Custom
Formulations lab. It is here that our flavor team creates, customizes, and researches brilliant new flavors and
procedures. Utilizing these custom flavors you will find our applications team working behind the scenes. This team
takes our customers ideas, suggestions, and brainstorms and applies them to beverage formulation. This is the
moment when your “conceptualization” truly turns into a “realization”.
Lastly just next door Sovereign Flavors proudly features a brand new Tasting Room in our third building. This is
where your ideas come into fruition. Separated away from the tempting smells of our manufacturing facility clients
are free to explore and perfect the minute details of new beverages. Clients are welcome to join us in this state-of-
the-art establishment for a brainstorming session or visit us for a tour.
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