Whatís this all about?
Do you have an idea for a brand new beverage or a secret concoction you mix up for friends
at parties and thought ďhey!Ö I bet people would buy this!Ē but donít know where to start? 
We can help!  To put it simply, we will cultivate your idea for a beverage, formulate it
utilizing commercially available ingredients, and then provide you with the information and
documentation on how to produce your product full scale.

How does it work?
It all starts with a phone call or meeting with one of Sovereign Flavors sales representatives. 
The goal of this first meeting is for you to describe your idea/product in as much detail as
possible. We will take notes and have an open discussion about what you want your
product to be. We will then draw up a project sheet for our R&D Lab to follow and take this
idea on paper and make it something real!

How much does it cost?
NothingÖNo really!  This usually brings out the skeptics, but we honestly do not charge for
research, product development, samples, shipping costs, or materials. The only time money
gets involved is when you are ready to produce your product full scale. When that time
comes you will need to buy the raw materials (ingredients) to make your product.  One of
those raw materials you will need is flavor, and we will sell you that flavor.  There are no
contracts.  We donít own stake in your company, we just want to sell you flavor! That's it!
Our philosphy is if we can give you exceptional service,  provide flavors at competitive prices,
and deliver within 3-5 days we will have a customer for life.

How long does it take?
The easy answer to this question is about 2 weeks. Of course there are many variables as
each project we work on is different.  If itís a complicated project with rare ingredients or
items we donít have in our lab itís going to take time to bring in those materials.  Also,
certain times of year seem to be busier than others so it might take a while for the lab
personnel to get to your project.  Lastly, not to discriminate against any potential clients,
but if we have an emergency formula revision to be made for a customer who is already in
production and buying flavors we will prioritize them at the top of the list of projects

Why Sovereign?
We know we arenít the only choice you have.  Sovereign has a lot of expertise, experience
and knowledge to offer. We know how itís done and we have been doing it a long time.  We
are the company behind the curtain of your favorite brands!  Not only do we bring the
know-how to the table, we are also normal people who like working with other normal
people.  We are also a small enough company to react quickly to your needs with real
humans who answer the phone. You wonít get lost in the shuffle.

If this sounds good:
CLICK HERE to request Beverage formulation and Development.

New Product Development

Sovereign Flavors offers beverage formulation services to all potential clients.
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