Believe it or not we get asked this question a lot “What is a flavor?”  Well... according to google the
answer is “the distinctive taste of a food or drink.”  Yea… there’s more to it than that!
While it is true that flavor is “taste” you might be surprised to know flavor needs to be added to
almost everything you consume each and every day. Do you think your favorite Starburst candy has
fresh fruit in it?  How did they get that pink chewy square to taste like strawberry? Simple… Flavor! 
Flavor concentrates are added to food and beverages for many reasons, but primarily to introduce
a taste of an ingredient that is not present, or to improve flavor that was lost due to processing and
This is where Sovereign Flavors flavorists come in.  We combine raw natural aromatic ingredients
collected from sources all around the world. These ingredients or aromatics as they sometimes
called are what flavors are made from.  These ingredients are essential oils from fruits, extracts
from roots, or botanicals as well as peripherals from spices, herbs, plants, and vegetables.  Our
team of flavorists builds flavors from the ground up introducing each ingredient individually which
gives us incredible customizability to adjust flavors to your exact need based on your application. 
Your feedback is incredibly valuable and can be used to your benefit.  If we build you a green apple
flavor and you feel it needs more ripe peel taste, we can do that!
So it turns out that flavors are pretty important! A great tasting product keeps consumers pulling to
products in their shopping cart and that’s why we do what we do.
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